Most of us have a digital footprint; but we may have forgotten just how large it has become.

Assessing your digital footprint, removing your digital footprint

With the advent of online purchases, banking and social media, we have created a ton of accounts that we may no longer maintain and even forget about. Some have recurring charges – monthly or annually. Some haven’t been accessed since they were set up. Can you say, “A O L?” It’s difficult enough to keep track of our own accounts and profiles, even with helpful encrypted password tools such as LastPass. But think about your parents and older relatives; especially those who you participate in their care – whether locally or at a distance. 

I have big feet. They remind me of my footprint. While creating the list of accounts you need to keep track of, it seemed daunting, but important. Making this simpler for you is the goal. We are chunking it out here by topic. We are here to answer questions, speak to your group – seniors, executives, authors, every day people. We all have digital footprints. Perhaps your group is only interested in one aspect of our lists. We can help.

Ideas & Planning Strategies: