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16 tips to ask for support fast without irritating people.

You are here because you are going to be asking for help from a variety of resources - many of whom do not know you, and therefore, may not trust you. In order to save you time, frustration and keep you from irritating those you are contacting, you need to know HOW to ask for [...]

Tools to store account access and tips for a bulletproof password.

We have way too many passwords in our lives. I agree with this. But simplifying them to only using a few variations is not safe. Think about a progressive type of puzzle or video game. You get one key, you can take that key and go to the next level. You may even be able [...]

Storing Online Account Information

Scrambling to find the username and password for an account you need to access quickly is frustrating and stressful. If you want someone to help you manage these details, pick up the pieces after a unforeseen event, or assist others in doing so, you'll need to have a central location for storing online account information. Some [...]

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