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Social Media List of Possibilities

  This list will be reviewed a couple of times a year. This is only a sampling of the places you need to look as part of this social profile gathering process. You just need to get in there once to see if you want to keep it, need to download anything, or [...]

Storage sites are handy, but can get dusty.

Many changes have come from Google recently with regards to storage quotas, GSuite becoming Google Workspace. The most recent is alerting us what will happen to old storage accounts that haven't been active AND are over their newer quota limits. This includes Google Drive and Google Photos. As our online accounts grow and evolve, we [...]

Your household has a lot of accounts to manage, too.

As we buy homes, settle in and build our lives, the vendors and services to keep it all running add up. You don't realize how complicated a home can be. If you are preparing to downsize, this list will help you. Relocating? Same thing here - go through the list by category to see if [...]

Where are your passwords hidden in your browser?

We've covered this in another browser password post, but here are more details. This is something we will teach you how to UNDO. Having your browsers store your passwords is one of the biggest vulnerabilities to going online. You may think it's simple, easy and because you have to login to your computer - secure. [...]

16 tips to ask for support fast without irritating people.

You are here because you are going to be asking for help from a variety of resources - many of whom do not know you, and therefore, may not trust you. In order to save you time, frustration and keep you from irritating those you are contacting, you need to know HOW to ask for [...]

Charity and Crowdfunding Sites

These sites have a tendency to come and go. They also store your credit card information to make it easy for you to donate the next time. If these sites are compromised, your "donation" profile can be used to either solicit donations that are funneled to a bad person, or have you contribute to small [...]

Tools to store account access and tips for a bulletproof password.

We have way too many passwords in our lives. I agree with this. But simplifying them to only using a few variations is not safe. Think about a progressive type of puzzle or video game. You get one key, you can take that key and go to the next level. You may even be able [...]

Your browser may hold the links to a lot of old accounts.

  Sometimes you need to know where to start to create your list of usernames and passwords. A great place to start is in the browsers. Top browsers include: Google's Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer /Edge. This is all for desktop only, not hand-held-devices. This information is as of 9/11/2017. Please, as of reading [...]

They call it the web because it’s all connected.

When we give one site access to our social media accounts, we can also revoke it and start to lock it down. If you can login to social accounts, you can look at connected applications. Facebook: As you can see, I have a TON of connected apps - or I DID. I used this opportunity [...]

Financial sites including crowd funding accounts

This also ties to recurring charges - such as EFT payments to your church, pensions, alimony, insurance. Don't forget those crowdfunding sites such as GoFundMe when you wanted to help that neighbor, Kiva when you wanted to help change the world. And how about donation sites such as Humane Society, Breast Cancer Awareness, and more? [...]

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