Where’s your stuff?

BREATHE… It’s OK if you do not know all of the answers. It took you YEARS to create your digital footprint or that of your company. It will take a while to gather up the information. We have a list to share that can help jog your memory and get you started.

Right click and download this Excel Spreadsheet to help you out. If you don’t even contact us, take this gift to get started on your own. We hope you will see value in the services we offer and hire us to assist you in this process.

The information below will help you figure out your goals. We can walk you through a lot of the thought process with our first hour consult with you once you decide to hire us. Sometimes an outside person can look at the bigger picture and help you see angles you may not have thought of, including the benefits if keeping, modifying, selling what you already have.


It's Personal

  • *w/partial sheet filled out.
  • 1 hour initial consult/goals
  • Needs assessment, digging.
  • Create findings document.
  • Task list and timeline.
  • 2 hour findings review.

Business Package

  • *w/partial sheet filled out.
  • 1 hour initial consult/goals
  • Evaluation, discovery.
  • Create findings document
  • Task list and timeline.
  • 2 hour findings review.

Rebranding Plan

$700per site
  • Decisions to make
  • 1 hour initial consult/goals
  • Transition plan.
  • Site plan – keep or toss.
  • Task list and timeline.
  • 2 hour strategy review.

Branded Video TIps

$75010 videos
  • Your branding
  • 1 hour initial consult/goals
  • Select topics from a menu.
  • Your logo and branding.
  • Add to YouTube channel
  • Add to your website.

Is it time to simplify your online presence and digital footprint?

Help someone close to you get a handle on it?

Launch the next phase of your business life with rebranding?

Offer VALUE ADDED guides to your patients and clients?

Consider these additional services, as well.

Add-on Services

Press Release & Distribution

$350per release
  • Local Media Outlets

Directory Notification

$400up to 10 listings
  • *WIth access.

Rebranding Logo Design

$1500all formats
  • For rebranding

Commercial for Videos

$50030 secs
  • For branded video

Website transition

  • Simplify, rediret