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2911, 2017

Your household has a lot of accounts to manage, too.

By |November 29th|Categories: Things to Monitor, Types of Accounts|0 Comments

As we buy homes, settle in and build our lives, the vendors and services to keep it all running add up. You don't realize how complicated a home can be. If you are preparing to [...]

1111, 2017

Where are your passwords hidden in your browser?

By |November 11th|Categories: Preparing the Tools|0 Comments

We've covered this in another browser password post, but here are more details. This is something we will teach you how to UNDO. Having your browsers store your passwords is one of the biggest vulnerabilities [...]

2709, 2017

Tools to store account access and tips for a bulletproof password.

By |September 27th|Categories: Ongoing Resources|0 Comments

We have way too many passwords in our lives. I agree with this. But simplifying them to only using a few variations is not safe. Think about a progressive type of puzzle or video game. [...]

1109, 2017

Your browser may hold the links to a lot of old accounts.

By |September 11th|Categories: Preparing the Tools|0 Comments

  Sometimes you need to know where to start to create your list of usernames and passwords. A great place to start is in the browsers. Top browsers include: Google's Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Internet [...]