It would be great if you could just tell us to handle this and we magically got it done, but it’s a group effort. Some of what is listed on this page will get you thinking. You’ll need to know answers to these login questions and where some of this information is. We are not asking to see your credit card statements or bank statements, but we can help you track down recurring charges that may be obsolete or fraudulent. Some people choose to redact (black line) their credit card and bank numbers, but let us look through the rest of them as copies – just the items you do not know what they are.

If you engage us in this project, we’ll do as much on our own as we can, but will most likely need you to forward emails to us that verify accounts, have resets for passwords and more. Some of the items will just be for your own list that never have to have access to, but you need to have the information SOMEWHERE – whether you use Drive, KeyChain, LastPass or combination of login-remembering tools.

Remember, any password you might share with us, you can change when we are done or you can help us with more of the grunt work and make the changes yourself with our guidance.  These are very flexible plans.

Devices You Own or Manage

  • Computer(s)
  • Tablet(s)
  • Smart Phones(s)
  • Internet Service Provider
  • Router
  • Apple TV, Echo, Alexa, etc.
  • Alarm/Security System

Basic Online Presence

  • Operating system/Logon for each computer and device
  • Software logins for updates
  • Back up storage
  • Email account(s)
  • Music streaming
  • WiFi password

Social Media Basics

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube/Google
  • Amazon: shopping, storage, Prime
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Snapchat
  • Music/Video Streaming Services

Recurring Payments

  • Look in: Bank statements
  • Look in: Credit card statements
  • Streaming services
  • Amazon & magazine subscriptions
  • Medical & auto related
  • Software & Photo services

BREATHE… It’s OK if you do not know all of the answers. It took you YEARS to create your digital footprint or that of your company. It will take a while to gather up the information. We have a list to share that can help jog your memory and get you started.

Right click and download this Excel Spreadsheet to help you out. If you don’t even contact us again, take this gift to get started on your own. We hope you will see value in the services we offer and hire us to assist you in this process.

To get us started, the list above will give you an idea of what you’ll need to know. It also helps us get an idea of the quote for our services. Please fill out the Excel sheet linked above and the form below. Phone is helpful to save going back and forth a lot on the initial list and quote. Once we get going, we’ll rely heavily on Email and Google Drive to pull this together.

Once we get going with a plan, we’ll continue with the spreadsheet and the items on them to make it really easy for you to edit, add, and maintain moving forward.

A form to get the ball rolling:

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