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Your household has a lot of accounts to manage, too.

As we buy homes, settle in and build our lives, the vendors and services to keep it all running add up. You don't realize how complicated a home can be. If you are preparing to downsize, this list will help you. Relocating? Same thing here - go through the list by category to see if [...]

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They call it the web because it’s all connected.

When we give one site access to our social media accounts, we can also revoke it and start to lock it down. If you can login to social accounts, you can look at connected applications. Facebook: As you can see, I have a TON of connected apps - or I DID. I used this opportunity [...]

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Financial sites including crowd funding accounts

This also ties to recurring charges - such as EFT payments to your church, pensions, alimony, insurance. Don't forget those crowdfunding sites such as GoFundMe when you wanted to help that neighbor, Kiva when you wanted to help change the world. And how about donation sites such as Humane Society, Breast Cancer Awareness, and more? [...]

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Business Day-to-Day operations accounts

We are so used to going through our daily business life, we forget all of the pieces involved to keep the doors open. This includes utilities, shipping services, printing and branding vendors, credit cards, banking account, gas cards, insurance, local and trade directories, local media accounts for advertising or subscriptions. What about professional associations? Are [...]

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Recurring charges may only happen once a year.

Here is a video Yvonne Heimann and I created on this same topic. We forget how many places we have set up with recurring charges. This may be hosting accounts, domains, software, templates, stock photos, offsite storage services, antivirus and malware services. But it can be more personal than that and be for health clubs, [...]

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