Exit Power Strategies - Household accounts

As we buy homes, settle in and build our lives, the vendors and services to keep it all running add up. You don’t realize how complicated a home can be. If you are preparing to downsize, this list will help you. Relocating? Same thing here – go through the list by category to see if you need to build a whole new tab in your spreadsheet.

Grocery Services: Do you use any restaurant delivery services? Local grocery stores? Amazon? You’ll want to make a list of those and update the accounts or close them.

What about Ace Hardware, Lowe’s, Home Depot? Update your account info for billing purposes and while you are in there, make sure everything else is current such as cell phone numbers, back up email accounts.

Mortgage insurance, loans, HELOC info, home owners insurance? Are you still paying those extra mortgage insurance fees even though it’s been 5 years since you bought your home? If you no longer need these accounts, make sure to delete them from their systems to cut down on junk mail and calls.

What about regular maintenance services: Landscaping, chimney and gutter maintenance, cleaning services, pest control, arborists, carpet cleaning services, plumbers, electricians. Do any of them have your credit card on file? Make sure they do not have annual automated service charges – like a subscription of sorts. Our local plumber offers that as a sort of layaway account for big stuff like water heaters.

And your pets: Do you have pet insurance? Ongoing account with your local veterinarian? What about trainers, mail order food and medications? Keep those records current and a list of logins. This includes enthusiast sites such as puppy play groups, Bark Park bulletin boards and more.

Your own medical expenses, doctor sites, prescription services and more. I know with Kaiser, we have a login that if something happened to me, it would be difficult for my family to quickly access the records without the stressful wait on hold. Make it easy for your family. Keep the list of accounts, medical record numbers, secret answers to verify and more. Add them in as having authority to view your records. Do you have a DNR in place or have you talked about it. Not a pleasant thought, but if you have definite preferences on this topic, time to get that in order officially. This includes donor cards.