I’ve been speaking to large and small audiences for decades. I find, it’s all about the story.  Sometimes a conference needs some variety to the typical speakers on legal topics, estate planning and elder issues. That’s where I come in. Give me 20 minutes, 30 minutes, an hour – I’ll keep your audience engaged and giving them tips they can bring to their clients to increase their value. I’d really enjoy giving them the list of tasks they can do to get started taking control of their own digital footprint, securing their passwords and helping loved ones – it’s up to you on the topics. I’m very open to Q&A sessions at the end, too.  If you need more of a workshop for a few hours, that’s an option too.

I have a list of people who rave about my sessions – happy to put you in touch with them, too. I can speak locally or virtually for free, or if I need to travel, expenses are part of the deal and a room if it’s overnight. You want me rested, don’t you? We can talk about your specific event. I have a soft spot for seniors and teens.

Let’s set up a video chat so you can get an idea if I’d be a fit for your group/event.