Thank you for contact us about a quote. We’ll get back to you M-F 8-5pm within an hour or so, unless we are out and about, out of range or with clients.

Wait, if you DIDN’T fill out the contact form, please go back and do that so we can get in touch with you. You can still use the tool below, but we’d love to have a name and email to tie to the download. 🙂


Now that that is done, before we can get started or meet, you need to have an idea of what you already know and have access to. The more you know and fill out, the more we can for you in less time and more efficiently. Sometimes you won’t know many answers, that’s OK. We can help you recover logins, gain access and then decide to keep or delete.

If you decide to contract us to assist you, we will ask you to send us your completed document and we’ll upload to Google Drive to share with you and only you. Once we have completed our services for you, we will transfer ownership of the document to you and remove ourselves, unless you have additional tasks you would like us to assist with.  This link will take you to an Excel Spreadsheet. Download it and fill it out. Contact us when you do what you can. If you choose not to, think of it as our gift to get you started doing this all yourself.