Have a business, product or brand?

Have you created videos, podcasts, learning modules? What about writing – have you published anything – books, music, research papers? How did you promote it? You’ll need to find all of those places, too. This includes products you sell on ebay, etsy, Amazon and other online eCommerce venues, including your own site, advertising, email marketing, and affiliates. It also includes any subscription services you have set up with automatic billing plans.

Caring for an aging family member?

Remember when you told Mom and Dad that they needed to be on Facebook to see what the kids are doing? Perhaps you got them set up with Amazon, Netflix and the rest. Now you get to help them make a lit of those account so you can monitor, undo those accounts, transfer them,or shut them down, depending on their current mental and physical capacity. Consider getting copies of their bank and utility statements to ensure nothing is missed.

Ready to get a handle on your own digital footprint.

Rather than waiting until it’s panic time, why not get in the habit NOW of storing your logins securely, thinning out your accounts, deleting duplicates and keeping your fraud and hacker risk as a minimum? This is a great time to start, but first you have to know what you already have out there. Once you have your list started, you can continue to edit and build it, set up your point people for various situations and needs and set up legal directives.


Once you fill out a contact form and we visit, we’ll give you a document and some blanks to fill in to see if you need a deeper dive into the gathering process. ¬†Once that’s completed, we’ll dig to find all places you have an online presence. We’ll provide our findings, links to tools and suggestions in a report just for you. We create your plan. Your list will vary depending on how active you’ve been online with personal and business matters. You may have way more accounts than you are aware of.

The best way to do this is by category. We’ll have a thorough list – you fill in as many blanks as you can. At that point, you can decide if you still want to do this yourself. You can pick and choose what to keep and what to delete, or transfer.

Step 1: Contact Us.
Or, start with this basic list, then contact us.

Susan Finch is available to speak to your group, whether it’s a membership, professional organization or community gathering such as for seniors, caregivers and more.Need a speaker?

We will get back to you to ask more details. Rates vary, and very local events as a community service are given special consideration.

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Providing more value to your clients is a way to get referral business and ensure you are top of mind. Estate planners, divorce attorneys, elder care planners, care givers, care facilities for long term residents you need to help protect your clients from stress and situations that can cost them. Ask them this one question. If they have the need, we can provide you a branded “to do” list so you will be their heroes. We can also come speak to your residents, their families, your clients as part of a community outreach program.

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It’s OK to admit you don’t want to be bothered with this list of tasks. It’t not the most exciting way to spend your time. We, on the other hand, love the detective and forensic work. You’ll still need to participate, but we can do the heavy lifting for you and fill in a lot of the blanks. We will work on this together.Trust the professionals. If you are retiring, or just thinning things out, you want to spend your time ENJOYING life, not dealing with minutia. That’s why we are here. It’s still a joint effort, but the questions will be easy for you. You know the answers most of the time.

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To-do lists vary, depending on your situation, they type of company you have and your lifestyle. The list below should give us the information we need to get started with your analysis and action plan.

These are companies and individuals who are paid to for their professional expertise such as web developers, database consultants, business strategists, investments consultants and planners. You may or may not visit them in person for presentations, meetings and onsite work at your location.

You have products or services you sell online that are either shipped or digitally delivered. This ranges from software to art, pet supplies. These are not businesses people walk in to. They find your website and order through there. No one comes to see you.

You are a service business. This includes medical professionals, accounting/tax professionals, coaches, designers, car detail shops, salons, boutiques, architects, performers, restaurants. Any business people drive up to it and walk in.

It’s just you and what you have created. You have a mess online and your logins are out of control. You are sick of having to remember all your passwords and can’t remember HOW many credit cards you have floating out there on various sites. You also want to protect or preserve what you have created.