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Where are your passwords hidden in your browser?

We've covered this in another browser password post, but here are more details. This is something we will teach you how to UNDO. Having your browsers store your passwords is one of the biggest vulnerabilities to going online. You may think it's simple, easy and because you have to login to your computer - secure. [...]

Your browser may hold the links to a lot of old accounts.

  Sometimes you need to know where to start to create your list of usernames and passwords. A great place to start is in the browsers. Top browsers include: Google's Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer /Edge. This is all for desktop only, not hand-held-devices. This information is as of 9/11/2017. Please, as of reading [...]

Set up a Digital Asset Executor in writing.

You are coming along great with your plan! Hopefully you've been using the spreadsheets we shared with you and are gathering the information. If we prepared a report for you, that saves you a TON of time guessing and digging. If you have your list and have decided who should have access currently, you also [...]

Social media venues of the past are still out there.

Just because we stop using them, doesn't mean they go away, nor our accounts. Some old accounts may come back to bit you in the hiney, too, because you haven't: Deleted them. Updated your password recently. Left a list of contacts in there ripe for hacker plucking. I'm sure I'm guilty of this too. I [...]

Finding the info can be done in chunks of time.

With tasks that involve new ways of doing thing and huge lists, they can be overwhelming to the point of paralyzing you to even start them. Don't worry about the full task, that will change regularly and expand. Start with ONE chunk - and chunk that out too. This site allows you to pick one [...]

Deciding who should have access to your account access.

It starts with relationships - personal and business. Whom do you trust to give the keys to your online presence to? I don't just mean social media, but banking and all financial records, medical accounts, memberships to professional organizations and more.  This doesn't have to be one person. It can be as many as you [...]

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