Exit Power Strategies - Connected accounts

When we give one site access to our social media accounts, we can also revoke it and start to lock it down. If you can login to social accounts, you can look at connected applications.

Facebook: As you can see, I have a TON of connected apps – or I DID. I used this opportunity to clean house. What this also gives you is a list of accounts you may have forgotten about. Each app that is connected has a login for me. I need to go to their sites, track it down and remove it. Many I only created the account with my Facebook Login since that’s where I used their app, but I want to make sure so I’ll have to visit each one of these. Once I remove these apps from Facebook, most won’t have any more of my information, I wouldn’t have a login. It’s rare that I set up true accounts for these types of services. Follow the quick instructions below:

Login to Facebook. Under the arrow at the far right in the top blue bar – go to SETTINGS. Then, in the left go to APPS to see how many things are connected to your account. Don’t delete them too quickly. Take a screenshot or jot down a list so you can be sure to go to those sites and close your account, or update it.


Twitter: Very similar to Facebook, but there are a couple of key app components – those that are tied to your mobile device, or IOS. You have to revoke THAT one and then the others will be able to be deleted. What this demonstration has shown me is that I’m way behind on this maintenance. Good thing, or I’d have nothing to show you. Login to Twitter – with ALL of your accounts you manage. Under your profile at the top, go to SETTINGS – then you’ll see the APPS link in the left column. Click on that to see all connected apps. Same thing here – make a list before you remove/delete so you know what WAS connected.

I can’t believe how many of the SAME service are in there and some that are such a thing of the past like Blab and Meerkat. How many Klout connections does a person need?

You can revoke these at any time. Now, here’s the big sigh – each of these apps that is connected by you, may also have more apps connected in THAT system that you have given permission to. I’m guessing if you cover Facebook and Twitter, you’ve probably covered the biggest ones.

On Amazon, clean out shipping addresses and credit cards.

Others on the list would include: LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and eBay.