With tasks that involve new ways of doing thing and huge lists, they can be overwhelming to the point of paralyzing you to even start them. Don’t worry about the full task, that will change regularly and expand. Start with ONE chunk – and chunk that out too. This site allows you to pick one category of accounts you need to make an access list for – such as travel, banking, household. Just start with one if that makes it easier. You can also keep one spreadsheet organized by topic.

This sample spreadsheet on GoogleDrive has tabs at the bottom that correspond to the topics on this website and the groupings we’ve created. Fill them in as you can – the more thorough, the better. This is also the sheet you can decide who will have access. ┬áRemember, the one linked is only a sample. You may download and open in Excel or save to your own Google Drive (recommended) to invite your trusted advisors and resources into so they can help.