Exit Power Strategies - Monitor recurring charges.

Here is a video Yvonne Heimann and I created on this same topic.

We forget how many places we have set up with recurring charges. This may be hosting accounts, domains, software, templates, stock photos, offsite storage services, antivirus and malware services. But it can be more personal than that and be for health clubs, greeting card sites, movie and music sites such as HBO, Amazon, Hulu, iTunes, Tidal and all the others that tap your account each month.

Are you still using it or reading the magazine subscriptions? Going to the gym? Still need that business service?

It’s the little charges that add up each year and that you don’t notice. Some only charge once a year with no refund option. You need a full year of statements from all banks and credit cards to go through them. If you do this monthly, your memory of the transaction will be fresher.

You may also have it for insurance policies, dating sites, churches, charities and more.

You’ll have items in your statement – usually a company name, possibly location, 800 number or some way to look it up that may jog your memory as to what you signed up for. That same number can help you contact someone to stop the charge.

Add these to your spreadsheet in the Recurring Charges tab.