We are so used to going through our daily business life, we forget all of the pieces involved to keep the doors open. This includes utilities, shipping services, printing and branding vendors, credit cards, banking account, gas cards, insurance, local and trade directories, local media accounts for advertising or subscriptions.

What about professional associations? Are you listed in their directories? Are there recurring membership or listing charges?

What about mileage programs – whose cards are tied to the mileage? Can you transfer the miles?

First, make the list by each broad category with each specific listed under it and then decide if you want to share this information, if it should be deleted, or you just need the account information. To change some of these accounts, you’d need proof that you are who you are at the address – business cards, utility bills, and in the event of a death, death certificate, mention in an obituary, etc.


>> SPECIFIC ACCOUNT   | Account number  | Email associated with the account, if any | Phone number to call | PIN if applicable | Password, if set up